As reality sets in,
There is not more you can fake,
You were standing tall,
Now you fitting to fall,
Or make a break,
Being on the edge,
You can jump or stay,
It’s up to you,
Whether to take the leap of faith,
Everyone is a spectator,
All seem to have their inputs,
But you are closer than anyone,
For the ledge is right there,
Down is all about a look,
Can you fly,
How far could you glide,
Down seems like the only motion,
All that is missing if just your foot,
One step closer,
Or one step back,
Once two feet are planted,
There is no turning back.

Thanks for tuning into this series, “Peeping Through The Window” where we are looking outside at ourselves from the inside. We are through the motions of disbelief, frantic, and confusion. It is at certain moments we see relief and acceptance and figure out what’s our next play. What will be the next move to do after seeing what has been going on.

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Thanks for reading…
Jixi Fox
Instagram: @jixifox
Twitter: @jixifox

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