Mid way through,
I made it,
Have to go for it,
Played it,
Half way through,
I am fully equipped,

Photo by Annie Spratt

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35 thoughts on “MID #8BIT #POETRY

      1. Jixi Fox Post author

        i am happy to hear that…I do hope you keep on this journey. I have been at this for a while, if you ever need any friendly tips, I am always here… 🙂 Are you enjoying your time so far?


      2. Jixi Fox Post author

        I know it gets a little lonely at times like no one is there, but it does get fun when you find writing buddies and people in other parts of the world. It was an eye opening thing to learn as I went and I saw who I connected with.


    1. Jixi Fox Post author

      2008 I believe… Geez now it sounds like decades ago. Went viral on a post in the past, and also have 2 other blogs. So I am super happy in the blogging community. Also been to a few WordPress Conferences. Those are amazing and fun..


      1. Jixi Fox Post author

        oh wow… that’s super dope. The blogging GODS must have been thinking about me. Just the last month I was considering a vacation to Seattle. wow…hopefully you might have some inside scoop on your town. 🙂 I am in New York


      2. Jixi Fox Post author

        You should share that on your blog as well, it helps grow local traffic and views. I am not sure if you go out and about, but if you add a few reviews and photographs of special places you know people typically search for or visit (tourists) it will build backlinks. I did this on my other blog with google and it worked pretty good. It don’t have to be crazy detailed. But keyword driven.. Like 3 Must See Places When Visiting Seattle, 3 Best Places of Fun and Entertainment in Seattle…. 5 Best Sights To See In Seattle #Photography #Review #Travel 🙂


      3. Jixi Fox Post author

        You are welcome… Just remember to do a About me page and write a little about yourself and be inviting. As a blog, more women write and read than men, so the potential is there… also always put 8-10 max tags in each post. relating to what you are talking about… like health, fitness, music, blogging, people, culture, cooking, travel, photography, opinion…… also 2-4 of the tag should be specific to what the content is.


      4. Jixi Fox Post author

        yes… but I would say make this a well written post, for its a big deal and to be smart with it, you can make it a 2 part post. Just remember 500-1000 words on this post… and really great post days are tues-thurs where a lot of people are sharing and searching for things to read.


      5. Jixi Fox Post author

        i know it’s a building block… just start with what I have recommended for the first month and enjoy just writing and sharing. I don’t want you to be overwhelmed, but that’s the beginner starter kit lol :)… I love to give back and encourage people to write and share. I mean it took years but I got to 500,000 on this blog, but it was a lot of growing… now my goal is 1 million views here.


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