What’s up tonight?
Is anyone scheming?
Are you laying in bed,
Getting ready to start dreaming?
Are you on the grind,
Just because your are fiending,
To go shopping on the weekend,
To make it an epic weekend as the week ends,
I know they are looking for you,
But you ghosted,
Just let them know,
Without really posting,
Your location service will expose you,
You are too far gone traveling,
Shipped away, cruising,
Better yet you are coasting.

I write stories through poetry and lyrics. I want your imagination to explode, and explore word play, and catchy lines. I work hard for those quick smiles. That’s absolutely one of the reasons I write.

In this story: I have set a sail. I am nowhere and everywhere. There are going to be moments you just want to disappear, whether having fun, traveling, in bed cuddled up, or just locked in a focused on making money. Of course there may be people looking for you, but unless you hit them up or on social media posting, they pretty much is asking, where is waldo?

*note: In this story you are waldo.

Photo by Ansgar Scheffold

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© ℗ 2022 | Jixi Fox

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