If you don’t have your own controller,
Don’t come over,
For the battle on SNES is going down,
And I am heavily bolder,
To hit the streets fighting,
You don’t want to have beef with me,
I am more WWF than WWE,
I am M. Bison,
I am electrifying,
But can be quite shocking,
So call me Blanka,
Throwing sonic booms,
If you come to the USA,
I am William Guile,
If I was to have a child,
It would be Chun-Li,
With the fastest feet,
But I don’t run,
If you to fight the best,
It’s Ryu and Ken,
Hands down,
It’s a battle between these men,
I throw flames yoga,
The game is almost over,
From the start to the end,
I am perfect,
As I am standing tall and they sing,
All you will be hearing is YOU WIN!

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