See me go down,
I go to sleep at nights,
I dozed off.


It’s tricky the stunts I be pulling off,
You probably from down south,
But I am from up north,
Near to the pole,
My goal is being bold,
I go all crazy,
I trick in the night,
I am tricking all day,
I ain’t lazy,
Me and Mac we attack the slopes,
I freestyle on half pipes,
Everything we do is dope,
I get BIG AIR,
When I am on my board,
If there is a shortcut,
I am exiting at the next door,
I am so fast paced,
I hit the boost,
I am wilding when in the air,
It’s time to get loose,
I bruise when I fall,
I ball,
I cause avalanches,
I get down on dance floors,
I know all the dances,
I am the one to beat,
So beware,
I am here at one moment,
Then I am gone,
I disappeared.


I didn’t really play SSX one, but SSX Tricky won be over, it was so amazing. I am extreme sports kind of a guy. So naturally hours and hours was buried into gaming getting the highest scores, landed the big tricks and being the best. The game series go so much better at SSX 3. But sadly extreme sports started to make a decline, so these games turn out to be classics, because the New Gen could never replicate the fun and easy playing of these type of games.

About The Series:

These verses of poetry, lyrics and storytelling are light jabs of creativity. There are some lines that of tap of humor, or a combo punch, or just a knock out punch. I am a creative writer, I write about anything and add my own twist and flavor to the world. People, ideas and things of the world inspire me to write. There is nothing like connecting with people and sharing your art & style. I truly hope you enjoy what your read. 🙂

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