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It was a wild day on the blogs. I have been writing and writing, but I feel like the words are not flowing. I looked down at Cori and he looked so joyful and excited. Well then again I think he is excited because it’s soon time for his walk. Shoot I would be excited too, if my human was going to bring some joy and exploring in my life. Okay, I will just have to close my MacBook and get ready to head out.

Meanwhile leaving the building, going downstairs, with my key jingling as I twist, I heard the phone ringing inside. Also at the same time, Carey from across the street was saying hey Jixi, waving his left hand while using his right hand holding his hose watering his garden. By the way Carey has an amazing garden.

I wonder who is calling at this time of day, usually I get no rings on my phone about this time.

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Photo by Justin Heap
Photo by Chase Clark
Photo by mohammed idris djoudi

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