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Something told me I was moving too fast, and it just seem like I was in a dull space. I waved back to Carey and told him I will be right back as I ran back inside to answer the phone. Go figure, oh yea, I forgot my cellphone, in which I needed either way.

I picked up the phone and it was my good friend Anthony. He sounded so excited as he said, “Hey Jixi”.

This is how the conversation went:

Anthony: Hey Jixi!
Jixi: What’s up Ant

Anthony: Yo, did you do what I told you
Jixi: Nah, I haven’t. It’s been a crazy week for me

Anthony: Dude!!! C’mon. Are you okay?
Jixi: I am figuring it out, just a bunch of randomness is happening.

Anthony: Well dude, I think I have something that will spice up your day.
Jixi: Oh yea, you think so.

Anthony: YES!!!!
Jixi: Okay then.

Anthony: Meet me at the supermarket at 7pm
Jixi: What? Wait? The supermarket.

Anthony: Yes, I will explain when I see you.
Jixi: But why the supermarket?

Anthony: Dude you asking too much questions.
Jixi: No I don’t

Anthony: Dude, get off my phone, I see you soon.
Jixi: Hold up wait!!!

Anthony: Click (Anthony hanged up phone)
Jixi: This doesn’t sound too great.

After the call, I went to grab a bottle of water from the refrigerator for my walk with the my pup. My water of choice is Smart water. I sometimes think if I drink enough of it, I may become smarter. What I wish right?

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Part 3

Photo by Justin Heap
Photo by Chase Clark
Photo by mohammed idris djoudi

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