Daily Archives: October 27, 2022


It’s not always safe,
So brace for impact,
You are not a crash dummy,
Traveling in cars that’s been packed,
Trying to fit in,
Can’t move,
There is no space,
In case of an emergency,
Break the case,
Crack that thing open,
Reach for the tool,
It’s time for a beat down on bullies,
Messing with you after school,
Or at the office,
They think you are the softest,
Until you whip out the policy book,
Like you are the prophet,
I am make things happen,
I could have you shaken and stirred,
After I am APE SHIT,
Everything is a BLUR,
I am liking to act wild,
Like and unruly child,
Trust and believe,
You don’t want to know,
What goes through my mind,
All I am thinking about escape escape,
Like I am smashing my laptop keyboard,
My parents always say be yourself,
I told my parents I am going to be more,
I am here to stay,
No matter the case,
I decide what happens next,
For I have answer key to the test.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne

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