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Everything you do on the web,
Yes the web,
It’s like a web,
It goes everywhere,
So if you care,
And not trying to drop the bag,
Or be humble to drag,
To say I created something,
And it’s mine,
Protect that.

As much as this is a simple post.
Protect your digital assets.

Copyright and Trademark your creations..
– Writing
– Art
– Photos
– Videos
– Drawings,
– Podcast
– Music
– Downloads
– Everything digital…

If you can’t afford it, at least invest in tagging all your works with a watermark, that doesn’t destroy the actual work, and archive them on your own website. Paying for a website is as simple an investment that anything.

Website = $30 – $120 a year
DropBox = Free (there are paid options)
Google Drive = Free (there are paid options)
Flash Drive (128gb = $20)

If you have any questions be sure to ask, or drop me a comment or email. 🙂


Photo by Rodion Kutsaiev

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