Daily Archives: October 7, 2022


Trying to date,
Can’t relate,
Why so much hate,
Why so much fear,
Take it up a notch,
We not a pair,
But we care,
Not to look bad to someone else,
As you only want to show the good,
A broken system,
Let’s check under the hood,
In deep fantasy to find a partner,
One to walk down the alter,
Am I ready though,
Yet again let me watch another Netflix show,
Or tv show about love,
Blind dates, married at first sight,
They know where are mind fades,
Baiting us to try,
And accept failures are sure to follow,
But finding a diamond in the rough,
If worth going out in the worse weather.

Photo by Hello I’m Nik
Photo by Deon Black
Photo by Magnet.me

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