The times have changed. Social Media & Ads & Content rules supreme. You need to use a skill, a talent, a trait, a style, a value to leverage an audience. My posts are never sexy, but real. I like to just be direct.

I teach and work with many clients with this technique. I always keep in down to earth and informative, but less fluff. All the fun you can have, you will discover, but facts stay the same.

Grow your blog.
Grow your content and catalog.
Learn marketing.
Network and Collab efficiently.
Add value always.
Follow up even when you don’t want to.
Answer questions.
Give back to others who are growing.

I like to see others win. I like to see people fight for their passion and independence.

Create the world you want to see and live in, while being authentic self. 🙂

Photo by Ashkan Forouzani

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