Building A Book Club Community

As the summer approaches quickly, I am ready for reading at the park, on the beach, on a mountain, and on a boat. I enjoy a good read whether a short story, articles, summaries or a buzz worthy book that is juicy.

I love meeting and talking with others that enjoy words and

I am heavily focused on shifting my time and energy to being around more people in my ideal niche and passions. You cannot expect to wake up and just be fulfilled, you have to make decisions and actions that creates the life you would like to live. As I grow more mature, I realized I am moving away from people more and than than meeting new and exciting people. So adding a purpose of adding the books and getting recommendations on my website will make me feel great to share my posts, and promote my site more to other looking for inspiration and great knowledge.

So coming next week, a post on books and summaries I am reading will be added to my content release. I feel Sunday or Tuesday is the book to share books and the book club community.

Reading is my getaway and happiness. I just want to be in the now and the more, I want to push boundaries and it’s coming soon.

I would love for you to join. Are you in a book club and would you like to be in one?

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