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Somedays i just want to fly away

As an creative individual, the notion of being free and having free helps us exist amongst anything else in the world. Then there are those days that you are required to do some form of manual or un desired tasks such as work, exercising, cooking and others just to stay alive and a float just to keep your existence in this world meaningful.

Although we the creative people in the world know that, in order to make a bad situation better than it is, is to throw on a creative twist, or find a fun way to enjoy such menacing and gruling tasks without worrying about it’s negative effects it holds on you in the first place, we can’t help but wish that we could fly away from that situation or task and be free.

As a relative note, a great song that represent my mindframe about wanting to fly away from our problems and embrace freedom of the mind comes from one of our most talented and most creative musical artist of the 21st century by the name of Kanye West in his song titled “Spaceship” off his highly successful debut album “The College Dropout”. The song describes the tales of breaking into the music business while working a dead end job via the night shift while having the aspiration to trying to deal waiting for the day to breaking free and fly away in your own spaceship of life and success.

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