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secret whisper

I know who they claim to be,
But who are they?
Let me ask one more time,
Let’s see if the answer is clear as day,
It’s getting kind of foggy,
A smog has appeared in the air,
With a wave of my hands to fan off the dust,
Disappear they did as if they were ghosts.

They never were here…

Thanks for sharing in my thoughts,
Jixi Fox



Listen to me,
I have words to share,
Open up your ears,
I got something for you to hear,
Do you care about today?
Where does your opinions lie?
I wish for your everything,
Think of your future, let go out your past.

Thanks for sharing in my thoughts,
Jixi Fox


trophy case

Going through my trophy cases,
I see the fancy faces of people who have done great,
They ate good in the glory they created,
And I say to myself,
Where is my face?
I should be the idol that people raise when they accomplish great strides,
I should be the in that car in spirit when they go out for that ride,
The victory lap,
Honking your horn so the world can hear,
I want to be there,
I want to be the face in everyone’s trophy case.

Thanks for sharing in my thoughts,
Jixi Fox