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It’s been a weird month I know and I should have communicated. A whole month of “videogames” theme stories and poetry. I will admit and take fault for what is coming to your inbox. Even though I still kept the same style I write in, but a variety of posts are better for everyone. If you are like me, I am excited to see a post or email with a creative title, jaw dropping image or picture, inviting or engaging caption or story.

I aim for this every year and month, I can’t say everyday. I was testing something if I can be consistent to a theme. Today makes “25 days” of posting as my goal is 90 days. As they usually say, it’s takes 21 days to build a habit.

How has everyone been? I am coming to your blogs next, I pass through many during the week.

All in all there should not be a very day “themed post” for a month again. During this process I was happy to learn a new method, and give your content a bit of breath to get to the finishing line. It’s about to be a heavy videogame season, and I was try to get ahead of myself.

Again, for the everyday or weekly readers, sorry for that.

My summer has been fast paced, trying to enjoy the busy new york city lifestyle, the hustle life of work, business owner, creator, manager, home life, family man, and so much more.

Just a few more posts, to clear the month and the fall months, September to December is upon us.

Photo by Devilz .

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secret whisper

I know who they claim to be,
But who are they?
Let me ask one more time,
Let’s see if the answer is clear as day,
It’s getting kind of foggy,
A smog has appeared in the air,
With a wave of my hands to fan off the dust,
Disappear they did as if they were ghosts.

They never were here…

Thanks for sharing in my thoughts,
Jixi Fox


the dude next to me

Tell me who is next to me,
Sitting right next to me,
Thinking they are best like me,
Looking type fresh like me,
Always in a cocky mood,
Jumping over rocky noobs,
Having the tastiest awesome food,
Running wild like they crazy nude,
Oh nooooo,
I don’t like this dude,
I think he might be a clone,
Chatting on his cellie phone,
Thinking he is quite at home,
Comfy in his pajama snoring.

Thanks for sharing in my thoughts,
Jixi Fox