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secret whisper

I know who they claim to be,
But who are they?
Let me ask one more time,
Let’s see if the answer is clear as day,
It’s getting kind of foggy,
A smog has appeared in the air,
With a wave of my hands to fan off the dust,
Disappear they did as if they were ghosts.

They never were here…

Thanks for sharing in my thoughts,
Jixi Fox


the dude next to me

Tell me who is next to me,
Sitting right next to me,
Thinking they are best like me,
Looking type fresh like me,
Always in a cocky mood,
Jumping over rocky noobs,
Having the tastiest awesome food,
Running wild like they crazy nude,
Oh nooooo,
I don’t like this dude,
I think he might be a clone,
Chatting on his cellie phone,
Thinking he is quite at home,
Comfy in his pajama snoring.

Thanks for sharing in my thoughts,
Jixi Fox



Sometimes I want to fight the world,
Sometimes I want to throw a few stones,
I need to get the edge off,
I want to break a few bones,
There’s got to be a way,
To help me to escape,
The fate of feeling like I am trapped,
My head steams and smoke fills the room,
Exploding in exactly what I want to do,
So trying to calm my nerves and listen to a few tunes,
I open my laptop up,
And started writing what I am going through,
Do you feel my pain?

Thanks for sharing in my thoughts,
Jixi Fox