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Everyday is Another Day to Be Cool [Blog-A-Day-May] #3

Nikon D50 double kit front

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Everyday I wake up, my mission is to be cool.  I may not be cooler than you.  But who are you?  I just try to be cool for me.  I love being cool.  I like to be the dude, once you see him, you would be like damn, he is cool.  That’s the guy I want to be.  So what are things that I do to be cool?

Here are my cool factors:

1> Wearing Dark Shades – Whenever you see me on the go, I am sure to have on some cool shades.  They make me cool, plus once I take them off, I am still cool.  So some hot dark shades and an awesome jacket would make the look cool.

2> Working Out – Working out gets your body in shape so the ladies would be like, ummmm let me touch your strong arms, go crazy when they feel your nice chest and abs.

3> The Latest Gadget – Walking outside showing off your latest gadget whether a phone or a BIG HDSLR Camera around your neck is a big boss move.  It shows you are down with technology, about business, and got money.

Well those are the cool things I do each day.   What do you do to be cool?

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