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The Struggle | The Amazing Journey [Blog-A-Day-May] #23 – 5.23.11

I truly feel like I am going to have to adapt a sharper blade and thicker shell to compete and stay fresh in the field of entertaining. Not many go that distance in the efforts to be recognized as an true artist. I don’t believe in having an easy way to obtain something I want to have a grand effect. Lots of later nights are needed to surpass the already late nights I have been up creating the methods to my mayhem that is music and comedy.

I speak in my true form of being humble but at the same time hungry for some recognition. The journey has already started, and I have disabled the off button to my creativity, so there is no stopping.

My series are to be live soon after more much details needed to create a magic that won’t stop or be thrown aimlessly to the unknown of my career.

I am still in the warm up stage of my music development. Lots of lessons and testing to be done to get just over the first major hurdle. I can only hope the people support and encourage me to go the distance.

New Music:

“Don’t Judge Me” – Jixi B

and coming soon to

Jixi Fox Presents The Adventures of Auto Tune 2

Itz jixi