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Launch Day, New Music – [Blog-A-Day-May] #11

Ok, I am totally on point today.  I have changed couple factors about my releases as I been feeling uneasy about them for a while and just today figured out why.  For my TAOAT2 project I wanted to have longer songs, and more meaningful titles, but at the same time I wanted something fun you can dance to.  I feel I achieved that with this projects with these two songs, “Imma Bout To Crunch” and “Hands Up and Dance” in which, I have now deemed my creative fun singles releases, but not the official single releases.  “Last Chance” is my 1st official single release, followed by two others to make 3 singles in total which pretty much I find very meaningful to me in some way and the creative improvisation I added to them.

So as promised here are my 3 songs I promised you, “Imma Bout To Crunch” and “Hands Up and Dance“, with the official 1st single “Last Chance” all performed by Jixi B.

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I hope you enjoy and support “The Adventures of Auto Tune 2” project.  Don’t you just love creative rawness?  Let’s all be open-minded and dig in.

*note: Remember all songs are improv and were created on the spot, no editing, no ad-libs, no pre-written material, just beat then words, and creativity bursting out.

Download the 1st installment of  “The Adventures of Auto Tune” by Jixi B. (here)

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