Daily Archives: May 26, 2011

No Music Video Shoot, Back to my Album [Blog-A-Day-May] #26

Tisdale in the music video.

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Today was a whirlwind of epic fails.  I am not going to front that I am a bit disappointed, but it happens.  Just got to work on a better next time.  So the music video never went through fully, I was solo outside.  When I shoot outside I like to be interactive with the surroundings.  But today there were flies and bugs out, or mostly at the location I had been shooting at.  I feel I am just going to warm up doing my videos indoor first then take them outside.  I did manage to capture some clips, but they weren’t all great via the bugs pitching on me messed up couple of the shots.  Another day, another chance is how I look at it.

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