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The Weekend | Jixi Fox Live [Blog-A-Day-May] #15


Image by isbms via Flickr

Well it’s the weekend, what to do, what to do?  Well I should be testing for a seamless video series I am trying to get together exclusively for my website http://www.jixifox.com and also for my blogger blog.  I think it should be really cool, it which the best part of it is it’s entertainment value to you the audience, friends and fans.  The series is titled “Jixi Fox Live” in which I will pretty much performance live and in one take for video.  It’s also something I am looking forward to adding to my weekly live video chat on blogtv.com/jixifox, ustream.com/jixifox and tinychat and oovoo.  It’s quite an exciting time for me seeing my creative works are coming together and guess can’t wait to reveal it to the world.   Well prepare yourself world, Jixi Fox is going live.

If you haven’t as yet check out the new single “Last Chance” by Jixi B. “The Adventures of Auto Tune 2″

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