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Album Cover Design Day [Blog-A-Day-May] #6

Patti Smith's portrait by Robert Mapplethorpe ...

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Today I shall be working on the album cover art work and thinking of a theme to shoot for my album gallery for my comedy music album release.  The clock is ticking so I must get on my job.  I feel the last album cover was very colorful, and now I feel I should design something similar but simpler.  I am redoing my website in white, so I figured I can launch both at the same time and grant album cover to be in white as well.  It will be more as if the album is so explosive but you will never know based on the album cover.  So with that being said I am on the task of that today.

Oh yea, I know everyone is a bit upset the 1st single is still not live on the web to listen, but I recently just fixed the audio error, and it shall be arriving tomorrow on the all sites I have said it would be on.  I am going to make sure of it.  I want to see if I can add an image to go with the new single.  I would make more sense.

Update:  I am still working on a video idea for the single and the others, so I hope they will get shot and be entertaining when release date arrives.  Thanks for the patience.

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