Life Is But A Dream – Jixi Fox [#Poetry]

stripper pole

It’s never easy but we live it,
It’s always in our face so we grill it,
We make up dreams, to create possibilities,
We struggle through life with responsibilities,
Big house, green lawn and a dog we envision it,
Credit card bills, terrible jobs, no degrees we living it,
We want to close our eyes to see our fantasies,
We have to open them sometimes to hate our reality,
Successful business, lovely marriage, health is what we want,
Fatty Burgers, expensive cars, and material things is what we bought,
Why can’t we just live our dreams, we aim to create,
Life is but a dream, real life is something we can’t escape,
We live we die we repeat, the curse we hope to break,
Dreams live on forever, our lives has an expiration date,
Life is an equation we try to solve even create our own codes,
Dreams stay infinite, we live our whole lives fighting for them, life becomes the foe.


Life Is But A Dream
by: Jixi Fox

© Copyrighted 2011 Jixi Fox™ All Rights Reserved.

(*Note (backstory)): I was thinking about that song Row Your Boat, one of the classic songs or melody while growing up, and I thought about how it adapted to life.  I thought about how we row row row our lives down the stream, thinking things will be merry and happy, but actually Life is But A Dream, not everyone gets to live the life they wanted.


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