I Can’t – Jixi Fox [#Poetry]



I can’t, as the forbidden words echos from my lips,

I am reminded of a promise I made to myself as a little kid,

who was a nobody. an outsider to the world every chance he got he was looking in,

I told myself I can’t is not a real word, it blanket of air that don’t exist,

I can’t what is that?  Who says that?  What doesn’t that even mean?

People rely on me to make the world spin in their eyes

Crying words of pains and favors, while I can’t even shed tears from my own eyes when I cry,

I can’t be the only one who tries his hardest, to not leave burdens on upon anyone else but myself,

I don’t even ask for favors, For when I do people store them away leaving them to dry on shelves,

So if I can do for me, why can’t you do for you,

Damn I use the word can’t again, I am going to rephrase it to say, what can you do for you?

I challenge myself everyday to create possibilities and a direct line of escape,

For all my unknowns I try to prepare myself at all times not to choke or to faint,

I can’t be the only one who don’t want to echo those words,

I can’t, I can’t, I can’t,

I always looks forward to say what I can do,

For if I can do for me and you can’t do for you,

What are you even on this earth to do?

To Be Continued…

I Can’t
by: Jixi Fox

© Copyrighted 2011 Jixi Fox™ All Rights Reserved.

(*Note (back story)): Instead of saying what you can’t do, say what you can do.


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