Let’s start out and say she ain’t believe me,
She was ready yet,
No she wasn’t ready,
Anyways I told this girl I had powers,
She was like, okay like an X-Men?
I replied why yes,
She was like what is your gift,
It just got real right there and then,
She was challenging me on my fact,
I have to now exposed my powers,
It was crazy for I had never shown anyone my power,
So anyways I pull my thang out,
And as soon as soon as she saw it,
She was like was impressed,
She was like she got it now,
She even invited me back to her house,
This never happened before,
But I guess she knew what my powers was for,
She insisted we leave ASAP,
I was like okay,
I guess she is ready now.


It’z Jixi

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