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caught in a dream

As I lay in bed,
Reflecting on my pass memories,
I remembered times,
I wanted to create history,
Dreams on future endeavors,
Whom I may meet and memorable ventures,
I get caught up in fantasies,
Trying my best to break loose,
I choose to break trends,
I choose to lose a few friends,
Deemed enemies because of their negativities,
I dress the role and act the part,
If I follow these notions I will be a star,
Shining in the day time and late nights,
I won’t fight my dreams anymore,
I just got to get through my misery,
To arrive on time for what is good,
Humbly believing my reality,
Taking each step one by one,
Ending each day like I am the one,
Hoping on a break through,
No I shall not wake,
But live in my dreams as is if it was the only thing that exist today.

Thanks for sharing in my thoughts,
Jixi Fox




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