Chubby Sexy Poetics - Jixi Fox Poetry Art Poems 5

Mami so hot and spicy,
Caliente peppery attitude,
I think she is so cute,
Forever on edge,
She is intense,
She makes steamy videos,
Oh my I crave,
She can dance circles around me,
Her moves are so dangerous,
Being around her I am so brave,
So as the heat increases,
I have to wipe away the window fog,
Inside is getting to hot.

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Jixi Fox



Author: Jixi Fox

Hi, I'm Jixi. I'm a Free Verse Poet, Writer, Actor & Comedian, in New York City. I write poetic, lyric based storytelling creative poetry and comedic anecdotes. I enjoy meeting new people, make them laugh, create fun moments in life. Say hi some time, don't be shy. :)

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