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I use to try to fit in,
Blank statement,
I put my foot in,
Until there is a taste I get,
For defining moments,
I lose myself in the music,
Never confusing the will I put in,
Unloading my pain in my writtens,
Giving myself strength,
To bend the odds,
Rap God,
They know me as the goat,
Coming at anyone’s throat,
Trying to clown me,
Knowing they aint down with me,
Hounding me to conform,
But never will I since I was born,
I try to be a nice guy,
Simple but fly,
Until I went pop in a giant hop,
I knew the sky was the limit,
People waiting for me to flop,
But never will I back down,
Just the reigning king,
Pass me my crown.

Jixi Fox


Photo Image: Eminem
Photo Credit:
 To whom is its rightful copyright owner.


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