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does anyone read anymore, nobody reads anymore

I don’t fear to be myself,
All I have is my knowledge,
My wealth,
But when I share it online,
I wonder who really reads them,
We are in the society of the stroll page,
A double tap or quick like thang,
On to the next one,
No more connection,
It’s as if we have no brain,
Running a fast pace race,
Only a few of us,
Do train,
Our minds,
Our time,
Study our climb,
Descend if there is no value,
No shame,
So how much do we pay attention?
How much do we miss in a day?
No more time to read,
Always time to play,
I guess that’s why we have problems,
We tend to not solve each day.


By: IG/FB @Jixifox 

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