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water - travel art

The whole world is in front of you,
Well more like around,
I can’t stick up on the same block,
I can’t just stay in the same town,
I must travel and see the world,
Open up my eyes and mind,
Eat some new food,
Buy things so cool,
And yell out, that’s mine,
I want to see people,
Experience new cultures,
But where to go,
My first stop may just be London,
Maybe next,
Australia or a cruise on the Atlantic,
I just want to explore new things,
And do things so fantastic,
I just can’t wait to marry a map,
Or google all my way around,
The first thing needed to be done,
Is pick a point,
Pack my bags,
Live life and have some fun.
Creating memories.

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Jixi Fox - Nemesis - Album Cover - jixifox - poetry art haiku

Image Credit: Christian Couteau