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before I die

Before I die,
I want to know I tried,
Tried to live,
Read off my goals like a bucket list,
Not trying to miss one,
For not missing one is on the list,
Before I die,
I want to know I believed,
Believing in me and my will to overcome,
Never doubting my route,
Knowing there will be cuts and bruises,
Handy with my med kit,
I will patch up myself on the go,
Rarely falling on my face,
Working to perfect my landing,
Before I die,
I want to cry in joy,
Oh boy,
Happiness is no toy,
So don’t mess with it,
I want to change a space for the better,
Slowly if not quickly,
But damn sure don’t ever say never,
To complete me,
I would have tried, failed and won,
That’s a cycle to repeat on everything,
Until my clock no longer continues to tic,
My legacy will stand,
Longer than I did.

By: IG/FB @Jixifox 

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