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funny meme comedy - clubbing be like this when on coke

Caption: This is the coke head bounce when you in the club…

funny meme comedy - dog coming crazy

Caption: When that one crazy person comes over to chill..WTF

funny meme comedy - bird attacks cat for trying to be thuggish

Caption: When thug life got your caught up, now you scared…


funny meme comedy - when someone just spoils the flow

Caption 1: When someone jumps in and messes up the flow…
Caption 2: When your enemy is running right beside you, can’t help himself

funny meme comedy - those moments you waiting for your windows computer to load

Caption: Those moments you waiting for your windows computer to load

funny meme comedy - when you tell em you a jedi but they dont believe you

Caption: When you tell em you a jedi but they don’t believe you


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Watch out I am coming through,
Days blue,
Ain’t got no cool,
Rules broken,
Fluff packed away,
Running through the maze,
Making it through without a fade,
Don’t need the assist,
For I got the gift,
I strong-arm my demons,
The nemesis,
Aka the craziest.

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Duets - Poetic Tongues - Jixi Fox - Chester Maynes - Poetry Artwork Cover 1.0

Poetic Tongues” is a collaborative duet project of two poets destined to make the world a more lovable place.  As they speak, ears shall listen, feelings and emotions will enter inside you.  Read the tales of love & romance, with lyrics flowing off their tongues and expressing experiences through words.  Be in peace and love. #PoeticTongues

  1. May, I
    2. Something In You
    3. Old Maiden
    4. Remember Me

May, I

May I take your hand,
Lay touches all over you,
Beauty is just a word,
Which means little,
When compared to you,
May I say everything I feel,
Everything that’s real,
All the things I need,
From you,
Which is you beside me,
Everyday would be a blessing,
Life would be like heaven,
If you can just take,
My hand,
Your love,
I will never let go.
-=- Jixi Fox -=-

Oh muse, delight my time!
Allow me to say what’s true.
This hour when the world is mine.
Until I continue to have you.

Here, I do not regret,
To enter another day.
Even the birds don’t fret.
For there is always a way.

What miracles make?
I become my only zest.
What instincts break?
You become my best.

This feeling of me.
I try to ask a chance.
If only I can be.

May I take this dance?
-=- Chester Maynes -=-

Something In You

see something
in you

is not common
to men

I can differ
the red’s

the green’s.

cheer something
in you

is benevolent,

be uttered
in praise.
-=- Chester Maynes -=-

I love them,
I wasn’t like this,
Until you,
Came into my life,
Spun my whole world around,
Kind hearted,
Gentle voice,
Soft kisses,
You get the point,
I have changed,
Not because I had to,
But I wanted to,
For you,
I use to be bitter,
I use to be no fun,
You stuck by me anyway,
Always helped me,
I stopped crawling but now I can run,
Spiraling and laughing,
Your hands in mine,
I can truly say,
Because of something in you,
I can truly live life.
-=- Jixi Fox -=-

Old Maiden

The night is dancing with the moon.
There in the yard is a woman in solitude.
All crystal dews and morning bells come soon.
Over the years of ups and downs are magnitude.

She is the epitome of a free-spirited.
Her wills, her angsts, her ideals are deep.
On her face is a power-driven although not wed.
Her only treasure is her greatest, pure deed.

All her courage she carries it with pride.
The past cannot harm her, she is superwoman.
Against the world’s disaster or any other tide,
She walks in true apparition of being human.

Whether she is now aging, yet, gracefully.
Her flawless heart is all the more beautiful.
She has every hour and every day in glee.
Her mind is not empty but happily charged in full.
-=- Chester Maynes -=-

My fair lady,
You are like my light,
As I wake out of bed,
Morning sunshine,
You are there,
In your lovely dress,
Cleaning and dusting,
Making our home shiny,
Forever in debt to you,
We are building a life together,
I make the breakfast,
I throw out the trash,
We meet in between,
We don’t waste time to clash,
We built a home,
For in it we shall live,
From our youth to our elder days,
You are my lovely maiden,
And I shall forever be your king.
-=- Jixi Fox -=-

Remember Me

I’m not a pigment of your imagination.
I’m not a damage of your splinter.
I’m not a cause of your confusion.
I’m not a poison of your elixir.

Remember me as your hero.
Forget me like a tragedy.
Remember me in your tomorrow.
Forget me as a fallacy.

Things go wrong but they fade.
Memories last longer in your thoughts.
A captivating face cannot easily evade.
You enthrall me like thousand astronauts.

Remember me with your universe.
Bring me in the realm of your mind.
My love song is eternal like a written verse.
And your eyes to me will never go blind.
-=- Chester Maynes -=-

Though I am not gone,
I am not far away,
To hear you speak,
To feel you breathe,
Even though you can’t feel me,
Lost at times I see it in your face,
You seem down and out,
But you still put on a smile,
All the happy times you can count,
In a room you can me see,
Round and round,
Over there in a boat,
I remember that every day,
The kisses from you,
Picnic in the park,
That was a special day,
As you get yourself together,
And leave out into the world,
I hope you remember me,
As how I remember you,
To death do we part.
-=- Jixi Fox -=-

About Authors:

Chester Maynes - Poetic Tongues - Poetry Duet

Chester Maynes
I am a Poetry Enthusiast. I love reading YA novels. I love different genres of music. I am internet savvy and I love drinking coffee.
Website: http://chestermaynes.wordpress.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/chester.maynes.7
Twitter: http://twitter.com/chestermaynes

Jixi Fox - Poetic Tongues - Poetry Duet

Jixi Fox
I am a Free Verse Poet & Actor. I love the art of creating and enjoy writing. When I am not writing, I am in the gym working out or binge watching on Netflix.
Website: http://jixifox.me
Facebook: http://facebook.com/jixifox
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Duets - Poetic Tongues - Jixi Fox - Chester Maynes - Poetry Artwork Cover 1.1

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