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funny meme comedy - powerball

I crossed my fingers,
Hoping that today will be the day,
The day that I win big,
So big I can say eff everything,
Run into my job and say I quit,
Piss over everything,
Leave in the flyest whip,
Cruise to that shorty who always hated,
Who never wanted to Netflix and Chill,
Ride by my old block,
Middle finger to the haters,
I give no shiz,
For today,
I win,
The biggest competition of my life,
The Power Ball,
Instant millionaire,
I mean billionaire,
No faults,
Okay, tax my ass,
I want the lump sum,
No more mister nice guy,
I am going to ask like an old bum,
Do whatever the fudge I like,
Buy an island,
Bail pookey out of jail,
Take myself on the most expensive date,
Never will I ever go broke,
All I have to do it beat all the odds,
To win the big one,
It won’t be so hard,

Who they hell I am kidding….smh…fml…failed.

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