frustrated mood emotion

So frustrated and I hate it,
Why oh why am I so hated,
I didn’t do a darn thing to you,
But I am paying,
Laid up at home,
Can’t go out,
The house is heavily gated,
I would trade days with you,
But I won’t,
I got to rise up from this emotion,
All alone,
I got to hit the go button,
Go hard or go home,
Days turns into weeks,
Oh yea, the worse,
I am broke,
You can’t pin me down,
I am a fire starter,
Unless you got water,
To cool me off,
Just remember to bring ice.

Written by: Jixi Fox
Copyrighted 2016: Jixi Fox

Source Image: Google Images
Facebook: @jixifox
Twitter: @jixifox

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