You have seen so many new beginnings,
You are the first all the time,
Unless it’s someone’s birthday,
Months away from this time,
So resolutions will be posted,
People will be on the move,
To plan and expand their year right,
And get on the move…

And with that exact thought, give me the Green Light…
Cue in that so awesome John Legend song… 🙂

John Legend – Green Light ft. André 3000

Hi, friends of my blog and passer-bys, It’s January and and a New Year, it’s time to get fly.  I just want to take the time to welcome you to a new month, more great works and things to do things month.  How are you planning to spend your January?  Let me know, hit me in the comments or Facebook or Instagram

So this month, ideally I don’t try to do too much, it’s like cramming too much expectations in a single month and with everyone trying to do the same, you are bound to fail or forget.  So I will keep it quite simple.  For January, this is my projected activities… Let’s see if I am up for the challenge.   (If you would like to see my Goals/Bucket List for 2017, <- click here)


Start my Podcast series…  “The Nemesis Labs Podcast

Start my promotion for my album NEMESIS 3 (3.17.17) (need to get the artwork and collaborations list going).

Release my Ebook “LIFE LEAF” on 1/20/17

Produce Season 1 of “POETRY ART & HIP-HOP series in PRINT FORM / VIDEO FORM

Release a Music Video for (500 Ones, Whole Bars, My Woes, Busy, Girls or NYC)

Release a Visual Art Video for (any poem from the NEMESIS project)

Write a poem every day…

Start my Interview series for Poets, Spoken Word Artists, Writers

So these are my goals for the month.  It really does sound like a lot plus there is more to them all.  But there is 24 hours in each day and time management and absolute focus is needed to achieve goals, so work hard for the things you want.


What’s your plans for January?

Let me know your thoughts and answers… 🙂

Thanks for reading…
Jixi Fox

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4 thoughts on “HELLO, JANUARY

  1. TamrahJo

    My Plans for January – Contemplate how I survived 2016 – determine to do better in 2017 on the whole work-aholic tendencies – make a list of all I hope to learn, do and experience this coming year….oops! Already broke my resolution….LOL

    1. Jixi Fox

      Oh wow… you did.. Geez… Well I wish you the best this year. I feel we just like to work. Working to me is being myself each day, it’s something we have to manage these days, because we can loose ourselves so quickly.

      1. TamrahJo

        I LOVE your answer – LOL – cuz even when I’m unemployed – I’m still ‘working’ on something – – LOL
        Happy New Year Jixi – May 2017 be the year we recognize the Fun in Worfunking – lol – yes, I just made that up – too close to misread/raw, ya think? LOL

      2. Jixi Fox

        Much thanks… I think we are very similar people… I bet if we had each other’s numbers we would have the craziest conversations. WorFunking.. I might have to use that….making up words is a thing I do a lot.

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