Well it’s a new year,
Don’t fear,
Time to rejoice and advance,
For last year,
Leave it in your pants,
Throw in the wash,
For that’s the past,
Don’t take the bad things,
If you are moving into a new loft.

Hi, friends of my blog and passer-bys, It’s 2017 and if you are reading this, then you made it. let’s celebrate and welcome in a new year.   I always start my year with fresh inspiration and a few goals, some simple and some out of this world.  I figure if you are going to live, you want to aim high and then see how far the world will take you.  You must also know that you won’t achieve anything unless you try.  I don’t do resolutions, I hate to use buzz word or cliche words and terms, but I do have goals and challenges.  So take a look at my list:

Create A New Weekly Series (52)

Post a New Poem Every Day (365)

Launch My Podcast Series: “Nemesis Labs” and release weekly… (52)

Release an audiobook every month… (12)

Release a new ebook every month… (12)

Release a new mini book every month…(12)

Create An Interview Series for Poets / Writers / Comedians & Do host it weekly… (52)

Work on my WordPress Following (10,000 Followers)

Work on my Youtube Channel (10,000 Subscribers)

Work on my Instagram Following (10,000 Followers)

Work on my Facebook Page (5,000 Following)

Develop my BandCamp: Campaign for Music

Develop my ReverbNation: Campaign for Music

Release a new Comedy Sketch every Month…(12)

Release a new Music Video every Month… (12)

Finish my Nemesis Trilogy

Continue my Free Verse Trilogy

Release 3 Music Projects this year…

Release my 1st Ebook  & Poetic Novelette

a short novel, typically one that is light and romantic or sentimental in character.

I may add few as times go by, but for now…These are the most important goals and challenge of the year…

Connect With Me Socially (Social Media)

I am quite an active young guy 🙂 but I do regularly update my activities via Instagram (join my Instagrammies Stories), Facebook (please follow me), Snapchat and of course Twitter (for the latest up to date releases of everything).  I will also be vlogging life again on my YouTube channels (youtube.com/jixifox) and (youtube.com/jixifoxtv).  I am pretty much on every social media, so feel free to say hi and stalk if you like… Just please introduce yourself first, and I will ready to chime in with smiles, jokes and fun conversations.

What’s your plans for 2017?


I figured this is the best fitting song for 2016.  John Legend is a beautiful artist and this sound says it all.  We all go into a new year saying how it’s going to be the best and etc… But hey things are always going to happen, some planned and unplanned. 🙂

Written by: Jixi Fox
Copyrighted 2017: Jixi Fox

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Snapchat: @jixifox
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