I am not like you,
In fact I am better,
I stay warm in every weather,
Except for when I am being cool,
Like a flu,
I am cold,
Bold to say whatever it is I want,
So please watch out for your toes,
Before they get stepped on,
I walk around with a heavy weapon,
Called a mouth,
It win clashes and bouts,
So if you not careful,
You will soon feel my fury,
And know what it is all about,
Don’t me place in a box,
Because you were born in one,
I been free to let sand touch my feet,
As I walk the beautiful beach,
Climbed a few trees,
Ate and broke bread with mother nature,
Happily as can be,
Born and raised out of Jamaica,
A lovely island,
And so is my maker,
Who I look up to see above,
And he made me so unique,
And to not give a fudge,
About people who act like sheep,
Always dragging their feet,
Sharing their views through memes,
Mostly I believe,
Because they don’t know how to use words,
And speak,
Say what’s on your mind,
Be you as I will be me,
That’s the world,
That’s how we know right from wrong,
And what it is we do or don’t like,
Because we tested our taste buds,
Experimenting through wins and losses,
There is no one I will ever call my boss,
For it’s me and the most high,
That get me up in the mornings,
To move my feet,
So don’t assume to me,
State facts,
If not,
Walk away quickly,
Oh yeah,
Watch your back,
For I do throw stones,
And I want you to see them coming,
You should hear that through my tone.


Thanks for reading…
Jixi Fox

Instagram: @jixifox
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