I have no feelings or regards for you,
It’s true,
Don’t let my words lie to you,
Hearing what your want to hear,
Seeing what you want to see,
For in reality,
I just don’t mess with you,
Like who are you,
Socially famous,
Saying your thoughts and moods aimlessly,
Am I  suppose to feel a way,
Did I dare to care,
I can’t even reach you,
So why should I even hold you up high,
You don’t deserve to be on my pedestal,
Next to that,
You don’t know the facts,
Don’t got to know your name,
To tell you off just like that,
For I have no F’s to give,
Your comments roll off my back,
For why should I be carrying your weight?
I don’t even know you like that,
We didn’t grow up as kids,
You was never the day one,
Even if you were and switched up,
Take this L,
I am gone,

*One: one your self…meanings peace, goodbye, have a nice life, but not really.

#Unfiltered: not filtered, not modified, processed, or refined.

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