Jixi Fox, Poet Spoken Word Poetry Actor New York City nYcJPG
Jixi Fox is the poetic comic relief to your everyday life
Forget the memes,
I make your body scream,
Oh me,
Oh my,
What the heck did I just see?
Or heard,
You are quite funny,
Thank you,
I happy to know I was on one,
I was down until I met you,
And what you said your name is,
Oh yea,
Jixi to the rescue,
So have a great day,
And so shall I,
Oh my gosh,
Jixi is one hell of a guy.

Welcome to #Captions… a mini series to find the greatest title for Jixi Fox.  I am just trying to find my light and I am testing the water on what and how to say what I do best…

Thanks! 🙂
Jixi Fox

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