maserati car photo

All for the elegance, style, and finesse,
You are now rocking with the best,
Black on black,
Just black excellence,
I am in your town with my crown,
It’s going down,
I found people love my range,
It’s kind of strange,
When I pull up to the stop light,
You can’t help but turn your face,
In delight at my car,
It’s a beauty to look at,
I call it my snack,
Let me get back on track,
It’s so exclusive,
A little intrusive,
Disrupting your mind,
Like, can you ever get a car like mine?

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What is your favorite car?

Written by: Jixi Fox
Copyrighted 2018: Jixi Fox

Facebook: @jixifox
Twitter: @jixifox

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