They don’t have ears to hear me,
I am not violent enough to fear me,
I am single in mind a match to someone so pair me,
I can break easy, please keep me together, don’t tear me.

If you are going through something let it out. Shout out those woes, talk to someone.

Conversation can be therapy.

Photo by Patrick Jansen


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2 thoughts on “LET IT OUT

  1. TamrahJo

    Heart, soul and mind to scattered from past month or so to post a blog – but well? me? raging against it all – seeing the beauty in it all and still – not much to say other than what others before me have said before – but well – took the time to comment here – hopefully, it moves your blog up the ‘algorithm’ list (yes, I’m grumpy about that whole thingee, on auto-algorithms and social media tools, too!)



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