As a creative writer, (tweet me) I have always challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone. I have been really blessed to be a poet & writer, but I haven’t really spent more time writing stories. I have written stories in metaphors, and I have acted on my YouTube channel. Writing stories in my head has always been delightful for me, I think I would like to give it a try to others to hear.


Do you like stories and which type of stories do you like?

Characters & Conflicts are usually the juice of a story to me. I have a tons of random and unique scenarios to try out, and the conflict is forever different. I watch so many tv shows and movies that I totally have seen what has been done and what hasn’t. I can add some new perspective to the mix. Mayhem, alternative endings and unpopular options and choice can really spice up a storyline.


I want to entertain and engage, and through stories I feel will give me this extra drive to make valuable coolness to the world. I am going for it.

Is anyone an avid movie watcher?

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1 thought on “STORIES, DO YOU LIKE THEM?

  1. Stuart Danker

    I love stories in all forms, from books to movies to video games. I find that they help each other, and they fill my creative well enough so that I can use the ideas for my writing. Great post!


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