“Always believe in your abilities, and always believe in your ability to grow, learn, and overcome.”

Don’t beat yourself up trying to be perfect,
Sorry you will never be.
You can struggle, strive, push your limits,
But believe in your abilities,
Even the ones you don’t have yet,
Believe and know you can grow,
Believe and know you can learn,
When you do these you will overcome.

You won’t have the best song on the first shot,
Or the first 2 years,
Learn and Grow,
You wont have the best blog,
Even though you feel you have the best thing,
Since slice bread,
There are ways to learn and grow,
Networking and building with others,
And just keep going at it,
You will then achieve.

Trust and believe,
In your abilities,
You are the person to talk to,
That should know yourself well,
Invest time and what you wan,
Can be yours.

Photo by Cookie the Pom

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