It’s so good you can taste it off your tip of your fingers,
So sensitive as it blows your mind at the tip of your tongue,
You twist and turn by the flavors, you mouth starts to water,
The taste quenched your thirst, you swore it was a juicy fruit,
You suck on it, you bite your lips,
You chewed it until it evaporated, you started missing it,
You went for seconds, and thirds until it was all gone,
Then you started over on a new dish, greatness yet again was born.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis   |

2 thoughts on “MOUTH WATERING GOOD

    1. Jixi Fox Post author

      lol Thanks…that’s how we connect. Soon there will be a blend. I bring the lyrics to the ears, you bring the recipes to the body/the touch, the stomach. 🙂



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