life changes

No more waiting,
No archiving or debating,
Those woes,
Throw them to the fence,
Bend them,
Don’t mend them,
Send them on that long-boat ride,
All the bad must go,
Welcome the good flow,
You know what you need,
Not too much greed,
Free yourself from the wants,
Yes we do dream,
But we can’t dream forever,
Got to make changes,
To be where we should be,
Not could be,
Begin your path today,
Leave the worries to yesterday.

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6 thoughts on “MAKING CHANGES | #Poetry

  1. Megha Patel

    That’s what I say too! I see I have missed a lot in these months. You seriously are good. I am glad you are moving forward and making dreams come true.

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      1. Jixi Fox Post author

        I had that happen to me a few times, and I had to sit back and challenge myself with new things. I mean it was tough and of course as we were just talking about, I wasn’t getting too much encourage or interaction, and I was like fudge it, I going to try something different, and I felt amazing doing so. I started writing poems to my favorite song and music artists, then I was like what if I wrote about all the cool sounding colors and my first thoughts hearing their names or seeing there colors, I went on a wild ride. I am glad I did, so now I have a different set of poetry writing for each day of the week as I work on my new book and musically poetry album.

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