I ain’t for the scooby snacks,
I am about facts,
All lives matter,
But I am worried more about the blacks,
I talk the truth,
I ain’t about the smack,
People respect what I do,
They always got my back,
I get on tracks,
And blow minds,
When you hear some real ish,
They know it’s mine,
They know I rhyme,
I am a poet not a rapper,
Real is all I know,
Even though I am an actor,
I am cool to hear your viewpoints,
I don’t really care about your views,
Unless it’s about facts,
Shut the hell up noob,
I know I didn’t say much,
Because less is the best,
In dreams is where you be,
In reality is where I be at.

***Featuring Kanye West, not really Kanye West, Kanye West just has a song called #Facts, because he spit those facts…
Kanye West is my number 3 favorite hip-hop artist of all time.  #Swish… This is just a anecdote to his track out in the world.

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