The pace in which I walk,
Can change,
The whips I have endured,
Cause so much pain,
Am I the same,
Or have I changed,
To live to see another day,
I fear,
I can see my end,
So I continue to live,
Until then.

Jixi Fox

1 thought on “I CAN ONLY LIVE, IF I DON’T DIE

  1. TamrahJo

    I’m reminded of quotes from history and movies that basically say, “Many men die, but who has truly lived?” and “Many die and yet wait years before they are buried” – – there is, to me, a quiet grace in risking death on some fronts, in lieu of becoming yet another of the ‘walking dead’ – on so many fronts, in so many ways, within so many systems, this core challenge is hidden/glossed over, etc., to create ‘polite society’ and such for those on many fronts, in many ways – and yet, in the end – there are few things I’m willing to die for or become the walking dead over – there are things, that I’ll risk dying for and the slow, steady, quiet grind of becoming the walking dead? Well, sometimes, I just can’t bear the suspense of it all, thus, I will take action to survive or die trying – just because, there are so many things worse to bear than dying – or being the ‘walking dead’ in my mind – I love the imagery of this, the core ‘humaness’ of this – and, I guess, at the end of the day, the raw imagery displayed and communicated so perhaps, one more walking dead person is aware of how it is for others, on fronts different from their own experience – – sorry – I’m in ’emotional/ramped up/trying to catch up’ mode and may not have communicated properly – but at core, visceral gut response, on so many fronts & levels – I LOVE this! for a myriad of reasons – 🙂



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