This Ain’t No April Fools

There is no joking,
When I say to invest,
I just want you to win,
I want you to be your best,
On the quest there will be highs and lows,
That kind of how rollercoasters go,
Think of a passion,
Give it a name,
Something you want to see gain fame,
Don’t be ashamed if you don’t know,
As time goes you can growth,
Spend tonight,
Buy and book,
Get a pen or pencil,
Create you a hook,
Tell a friend,
Take a class,
YouTube is good,
Now is when you begin,
Open a blog,
Get on the gram,
Smile more,
Life can be surprising,
Think of your value,
Talk to strangers,
Invest in opening up,
Your success is in demand.
(To Be Continued…)


Photo by Alexander Schimmeck
Photo by Annie Spratt

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