If the glove don’t fit,
You must acquit,
Is how legit,
My word sounds,
When they come out,
The tail end of my mic,
Every digit I secured for you,
I take back,
If you sitting it the front seat,
Just lay back,
I am taking you on a ride,
To the other side,
Going another mile,
To another mile,
Is consistently my style,
As I pile on words,
Just observe the picture I am painting,
If it’s a promise you waiting on,
Keep patiently waiting,
For I have no more fudge to give,
For my wordplay is quite nutty,
I created a reality for you,
Made out of putty,
I hope it washes away,
Stay clear of the directions I steer,
I fulfill no promises to you,
Like a kid left back in class,
Year after year,
There is no graduation.

Photo by Batuhan Doğan
Photo by refargotohp

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