Sitting on home,
Waiting for the call,
You know the one,
That’s says it’s on,
Be ready at six,
Wearing your sexiest,
I know he couldn’t resist,
For I am volcano,
Ready to erupt,
Ready to strut my stuff,
Flawless and bad,
You know,
Everything do need to match the bag,
Because it’s that time of day,
Time to slay,
Time to channel my inner Beyonce,
I am waiting,
I am calm,
I am holding on,
Scrolling through Instagram,
I am see my girlfriends going hard,
Their man’s putting on a show,
But mine has been on pause,
Waiting all day to release,
The button,
To release my love,
Like it was nothing,
But everything all at once,
Time has slowed down plenty,
Prince charming,
Only one I can count on,
Out of many,

Photo by Maria Fernanda Pissioli

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