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As the title suggest, it’s that time of month. I have a few creative works I will introduce this month and one game. I think it will be cool. I must admit I watch way too much Netflix and it’s so crazy and creative the way they have so much shows and styles. I mean like there is like a show for everything. I have always wanted my site to be truy me, but have at its core always a fresh perspective, creativity, freedom and relatability of options for audience that comes to my site.

I don’t want to label my website the ‘Netflix of creative content” mostly art, stories and poetry, but dang gon it, it may be in 10 years. The grind never stop, the world is a big place, and so much fresh ideas and people to work with there. I found a great rhythm that I love and cherish, and I just want to continue on the journey.


So with being said, Anime. It’s not super official, but it’s Anime Month. So as I have done with projects like Videogames, Mood, Poetry and more, I have a creative series to highlight lovers of Anime.

If you want to connect and talk Anime with me, hit me on on Instagram, Youtube or Discord. Those my outlets to connect and talk. See you there. 🙂


Naturally as poet, my focus is on love, relationships, fun, exciting and stimulating content, so expect a few additions to my writing catalog and storytelling this topic.
When it comes to love topics, check out a few series I have and in production to turning new multimedia content coming to Instagram, Pinterest & TikTok. It shall be fun. 🙂


To the post, I must add a poem to finish it off.

The love for anime,
Is wavy and crazy,
Most nights when I am lazy,
Me and lover lay,
Eat Ramen,
Watching Anime.

Photo by Tim Mossholder

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